SIT Leisure Ltd

SIT Leisure Limited owns, operates and manages Splash N Fun Leisure Park. The Splash N Fun Leisure Park is an exciting and unique water themed park over 30 arpents (12 Ha) of land on the east coast of Mauritius near Belle Mare public beach. Re-opened in October 2019, the Splash N Fun Leisure Park is the only one of its kind.

Tastefully themed and designed over 21 arpents (8Ha) of land with its sensational water slides and entertainment rides, heaven like pools, 1 food court, 4 food kiosks and 1 restaurant offering excellent cuisine, it is an answer to those looking for fun, water, action, sensation and relaxation.

The park has been designed along original pirate style architecture, with an old fort like entrance and a distinctive shipwreck structure standing majestically in the middle of the park. The shipwreck, with its decors and waterfall generally appeals to all visitors. The water-based attractions are the park’s main lure. Indeed the sensational water slides and heaven like pools are a source of delight to all visitors, who enjoy the thrill and excitement of the slides and the peace of the pools.


For more information, please visit the Splasn N Fun leisure park website.