Agricultural Diversification Programme

Potato Cultivation

SITLH has successfully implemented an agricultural diversification programme for potato cultivation. It is worth noting that 82 tonnes of potato were harvested in 2011 and several other agricultural diversification projects are currently under study.

Plant Nursery

A plant nursery has been in operation at Saint Avold in Britannia since 2008 with the objective of producing landscaping plants to be used on property development projects undertaken by SIT. Currently, the plant population in the nursery is about 46,000, comprising over 150 different species. New varieties are continuously being introduced and reproduced with the intention of reaching a total production capacity of 150,000 plants earmarked for Aurea-Living Harmony, SIT’s integrated property development underway in Cote d’Or.

Moreover, the company intends to further develop the nursery into a commercial unit for direct selling to the public.

SIT Landscaping Services Ltd

The company is expanding its offering by providing landscaping contracting services primarily to SIT property development projects. It has embarked on a major landscaping project over 259 arpents (110 Hectares) in Aurea-Living Harmony, at Cote d’Or. The landscaping initiative will involve planting and caring for more than 250,000 plants.