A major economic player, SIT also plays a significant role on the social front. Our philosophy is driven by our societal responsibility in establishing real partnerships for sustainable human and community development around the country at large.

Intent on making a positive impact on society and on the environment, we have set up a full-fledged Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee to initiate, implement and administer the group’s CSR projects.

To enhance the effectiveness of our contributions, we have adopted a focused approach, channelling financial support to four strategic areas of intervention: the socio-economic integration of vulnerable groups; protection of the environment; promotion of health and sport; and food security.

Over the last three financial years, significant sums totalling Rs 12 million have been allotted to making financial contributions under our dedicated CSR programme. It is a measure of our commitment to improving the lives of those who most need support.

Financial Year



5.8 Million


5.5 Million


2.6 Million

Thanks to the contribution of SIT, the following initiatives were successfully undertaken:

1. Support to the socio-economic integration of the most vulnerable groups in our society

Support to the SSR Disability Services Centre
In Year 2010, SIT contributed Rs 2 million for the construction of a school including a training centre for disabled children. An additional Rs 1 million was disbursed in Year 2012 to meet the running costs of the centre;

Reskilling of SIT Land Holding (SITLH) VRS retrenched workers
In Year 2010, our VRS employees received reskilling training for self-employment or for direct employment. A total of Rs 800,000 was invested in the following training courses:
  • Life Skill Management Program provided by CARITAS;
  • Basic Functional Literacy Course provided by CARITAS;
  • Domestic Pipe Installation Course provided by Mauritius Institute of Training and Development in Surinam;
  • Gardening course provided by AREU;
  • Crop Production training provided by AREU;

Support to the NGO Ranger Foundation Trust (RFT)

SIT contributed Rs 1 million to support RFT in the running of a therapy and learning centre for physically disabled but intellectually capable children.

Education of the children of vulnerable shareholders

We have successfully financed full time degree courses at the University of Mauritius and at the University of Technology for children of vulnerable SIT and SITLH shareholders holding less than 5 % shares and earning less than Rs 15,000 a month. A total of Rs 2 million has been earmarked for this sponsorship programme.

Social housing projects

Since the Year 2011, we have set aside Rs 1.5 million for the construction of social houses to eradicate poverty within identified pockets of poverty in the districts of Pamplemousses and Grand Port. In all, 23 families have been identified with the assistance of the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF) and construction of the houses is due to start in 2013.

2. Protection and Preservation of Environment

We share the view that the world’s environment is under severe threat as a result of climatic change and other major disruptions. Our philosophy in the area of environmental protection is in line with the government’s “Maurice Ile Durable” (MID) sustainability concept.

To that end, a sum of Rs 2.2 million has been earmarked for the collection of rainwater through a rainwater harvesting system to be installed in government secondary institutions situated in humid and sub-humid regions. So far, we have implemented this project in the following state secondary schools.

DroopnathRamphul S.S.S


Piton S.S.S


BeekramsinghRamlallah S.S.S


Manilall Doctor S.S.S


Bel Air S.S.S

Bel Air

Quartier Militaire S.S.S

Quartier Militaire

DunputhLallah S.S.S


Riviere Des Anguilles S.S.S

Riviere des Anguilles

Nouvelle France MGSS

Nouvelle France

Sodnac S.S.S


SeewaBappoo S.S.S


SwamiSivananda S.S.S
France Boyer de la Giroday

Plaine Magnien

3. Promotion of Sport and Health

Club Maurice
A one-off contribution of Rs 500,000 was made to support Club Maurice in the preparation and participation of our local athletes in the Indian Ocean International Games held in Seychelles.

Groupement des Diabetiques
The Group has contributed the sum of Rs 100,000 to the Groupement des Diabetiques, a NGO working towards creating awareness on health issues, with a focus on diabetes.

4. Food Security Programme

We are fully supportive of the Food Security Scheme elaborated by the Government to ensure food security and self-sufficiency. To that end, SITLH has made available 200 arpents of land on an 8-year lease basis at concessionary rental to around 195 beneficiaries who are currently cultivating these plots.

The benefits of this venture accrue exclusively to the planters and SIT has thus foregone all immediate opportunities on those lands.

The company has also leased some 85 arpents of fallow rotational land at Britannia on a short-term basis to small planters for potato and other vegetable cultivation prior to cane re-plantation.