Cote d’Or - Highlands

Strategically located within a fast growing residential neighbourhood in the heart of the island at Cote d’Or and adjacent to our new community, Aurea-Living Harmony, these two sites represent exceptional opportunities for major commercial and residential developments.


  • Plot A- Commercial Development 4.6 hectares (11 arpents)
  • Plot B- Business Park/Residential Development 8.9 hectares (21 arpents)

They are well connected to all major road networks, in particular to the newly constructed Terre Rouge-Verdun-Trianon motorway. The landalso enjoys an excellent road frontage along the new motorway, with easy connection to the capital, major towns as well as the airport.

Both blocks of land are connected to modern and high quality underground utility services inclusive of electricity, sewerage and state-of-the-art telecommunication services with provision for fibre optics.