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Aurea - Living Harmony Phase 2 - Land Available for Sale

Integrated Property Development Project

Strategically located in an emerging growth area at the centre of the island, Aurea-Living Harmony is an integrated property development project comprising of a mix of residential, commercial, light industrial, educational and recreational land uses over 110 hectares (259 arpents) at Cote d’Or/Highlands.

The development is well accessible from existing road networks - Cote d ’Or Road, Wooton-Quartier Militaire Road, Port-Louis-Plaine Magnien Motorway M1 as well as the Terre Rouge-Verdun-Trianon motorway.

Aurea-Living Harmony comprises three distinctive residential neighbourhoods, representing a total of 609 residential plots of land as follows:


  • 345 plots in Aurea-Bois d’Ebene
  • 93 plots in Aurea-Bois de Chandelle (non-gated community) and 72 plots (gated community)
  • 173 plots in Aurea-Bois de Natte (gated community)

67 lots of affordable size over an extent of 9.38 Arpents in Aurea – Bois D’Ebene (non – gated community) will be available for sale as from January 2018.

Amongst many other facilities, the Integrated Property Development Project comprises of a 2.5 metre wide cycle track of 1.2 km, a jogging track, children playing areas, solar street lighting, bus routes, underground utility services, landscaped gardens and lush green spaces for a high quality living environment.

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