5. Technical Officer (on contract) Ref: TO/SIT/2019

The job incumbent will:

  1. report to the Project Manager;
  2. assist the Project Manager/Engineers with the investigation, design, execution, maintenance and control of Civil Engineering projects; and
  3. be responsible for the efficient and economical execution of the works assigned to him.



  1. To assist the Project Manager/Engineers in the supervision of building and civil engineering works/projects at all stages including the setting out of the works and in ensuring compliance with specifications and drawings.
  2. To perform quality control on building materials and supervise concreting operations.
  3. To supervise the structural/non-structural aspects of construction work and to attend site meetings whenever required.
  4. To carry out surveys and levelling in connection with building and civil engineering works including the survey of existing buildings and other infrastructure.
  5. To prepare site visit/technical reports, as and when required by the Project Manager/Engineers.
  6. To prepare drawings and plans related to survey works including contour plans, longitudinal and cross sections.
  7. To assist the Project Manager/Engineers in taking off quantities, preparation of Bills of Quantities and the collection of information for the preparation of Scope of Works.
  8. To carry out measurement of work on site.
  9. To attend meetings and committees, as and when required.
  10. To use ICT in the performance of his duties.
  11. Perform any other cognate duties as may be assigned by the Project Manager/Engineers or the Chief Executive Officer.


Closing date
Friday 19 July 2019


Mode of application
Candidates should send their applications duly accompanied by photocopies of their certificates/references and curriculum vitae by registered post to the

Team Leader Human Resource
Sugar Investment Trust
Groud Floor, NG Tower 
Ebene 72201

Envelopes should be referenced with respective post on the top left corner.


  • Late applications and applications sent by email will not be considered.
  • Only the best candidates will be called for an interview.
  • SIT reservces the right not to make any appointment following this advertisement.