Notice of extraordinary meeting of shareholders

  1. Notice is hereby given pursuant to Article 56 of the Memorandum & Articles of Association of SIT Land Holdings Ltd (SITLH) that an Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders (EGM) for SITLH has been fixed for Thursday 29 October 2020 at 11.30 hrs at Tamil League, Martindale, Reduit, to transact the following business: 
    Resolved that the Company proceeds with the Smart City Project at Le Bouchon, which involves the Company entering into a major transaction, as defined under section 130(3) of the Companies Act 2001, which provides for the disposition of, or an agreement to dispose of, whether contingent or not, assets of the Company the value of which is more than half of the value of the Company's assets before the disposition.
  2. A member eligible to attend and vote at the meeting, is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend, speak and vote in his stead. Any member wishing to appoint a proxy, is required to fill in an 'APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT OF PROXY' form which is available for collection at the registered office of the Company and may also be downloaded on the company's website
  3. A proxy needs not be a member of the Company. 
  4. All ORIGINAL proxy forms must reach the Registered Office of the Company, Ground Floor, NG Tower, Cybercity, Ebene at least 48 hours before the meeting failing which, the instrument of proxy shall NOT be treated as valid. 
  5. Photocopies of the proxy forms will not be accepted. 
  6. A member who has already appointed a proxy will not be allowed to vote personally on the day of the meeting. 
  7. Any member or proxy wishing to attend the meeting is requested to produce his/her National Identity Card at the meeting in order to be issued with an ACCESS CARD. 
  8. Any person representing a company/societe/succession, etc., is requested to produce documentary evidence in the form of a letter issued by the said company/societe/succession, etc., authorizing him to attend, speak and vote on behalf of the said company/societe/succession, etc., wherever applicable. 

By order of the Board. 
Mahendra Kumar Ramroop, FCCA for and on behalf of SIT Corporate and Secretarial Services Ltd 
Dated this 15th October 2020