4. Internal Auditor (on contract) Ref: IA/SIT/19

The job incumbent will:

  1. report to the Chief Executive Officer, and
  2. be responsible for the planning, developing and implementing internal audit policies and strategies across the organisation which are consistent with the overall vision, mission and strategic objectives of the SIT Group.


  1. To spearhead the activities of the Internal Audit Division of the SIT Group and to ensure the effective management of its staff.
  2. To ensure that quality internal audit is maintained across the organization.
  3. To ensure that internal audit practices are in compliance with statutory provisions and in-house policies and regulation and that all audit approach and procedures remain within the required framework of professional standard.
  4. To protect the assets of the SIT Group by identifying and assessing risk areas and inadequate, inefficient or ineffective internal controls and to develop and implement internal audit policies, procedures and programs.
  5. 5. To analyse the functions and activities of each Department of the SIT Group to evaluate the adequacies/weaknesses of the existing systems of control and advise on corrective measures where necessary.
  6. To investigate and determine causes of irregularities, errors and alleged fraud and report to the Risk Committee and Audit Committee accordingly.
  7. To monitor audit work and provide proper guidance and training to the internal audit teams as and when required.
  8. To conduct independent special audit investigations as may be directed by the Boards of the SIT Group, Risk Committee or Audit committee.
  9. To ensure that recommendations made on audit findings are promptly implemented.
  10. To frame, review and update internal audit programmes.
  11. To review and analyse all internal audit reports before submission to the Risk Committee and Audit Committee.
  12. To attend Committees, meetings and Courts of Justice as and when required.
  13. To work in close harmony with all Heads of Departments for the successful carrying of audit work in their respective Department.
  14. To examine all procurement orders, tenders documents, contracts and such other documents issued by or executed in the name of SIT Group to ensure that technical transactions are in line with approved procedures.
  15. To examine all the documentation related to contract management projects, including progress of works and developing test reports to ensure that technical works are being executed in accordance with terms of agreement.
  16. To perform other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from the Internal Auditor in the role ascribed to him.


Closing date
Friday 19 July 2019


Mode of application
Candidates should send their applications duly accompanied by photocopies of their certificates/references and curriculum vitae by registered post to the

Team Leader Human Resource
Sugar Investment Trust
Groud Floor, NG Tower 
Ebene 72201

Envelopes should be referenced with respective post on the top left corner.


  • Late applications and applications sent by email will not be considered.
  • Only the best candidates will be called for an interview.
  • SIT reservces the right not to make any appointment following this advertisement.